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    Old Louisville Whiskey Co. Madeira Finish

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    Proof: 103

    ALC/Vol: 51.5%

    Mash bill: 81% corn | 15% Rye | 4% Malted Barley

    750 ml

    Product Description

    Indulge your senses with our small batch 8-year-old madeira cask finished whiskey.  Originally distilled as bourbon in 2015, it was than aged in used barrels for 8 years.  Lastly it was finished in a Madeira cask for 7 months.  

    Barrel proof, non-chill & non-filtered

    114 proof, 57% ABV

    Aroma: Expect to get dark elements like toffee with lots of spices of black pepper and clove.  Smell the Christmas fruit log filled with walnuts and spices as well as some green elements.

    Taste: Spicy rye bread, pencil shavings, with elemts of mushrooms and dark forest floor, accompanied by molasses, star of anise, and vanilla extract.

    Finish: The finish is long but well balanced.  Smooth throughout with no spike/heat.


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    Old Louisville Whiskey Co. Madeira Finish

    $99.99 USD