Our Story

There's something special about a family-owned business. When you patronize one, you can't help but feel like you're supporting something bigger than just the product or service being offered. You're supporting dreams, goals, and ambitions. You're supporting a legacy. That's what you're supporting when you purchase a bottle of our whiskey here at the Old Louisville Whiskey Co.


It all started with a husband-and-wife duo, Amine and Beth Karaoud, who have a passion for whiskey and a love for their historic Louisville neighborhood. After selling several properties in the area including the local favorite, Red Castle Liquors, the Karaouds decided to invest their money into starting their very own Kentucky whiskey company.


The Old Louisville Whiskey Co. is much more than just a bourbon brand—it’s a labor of love for Amine and Beth Karaoud. These self-proclaimed “whiskey aficionados'' have put their heart and soul into creating a product that honors both the rich history of the Old Louisville neighborhood as well as the long-standing tradition of Kentucky bourbon making.


They wanted to honor the Old Louisville neighborhood - known for its gorgeous Victorian mansions - with a whiskey brand that would celebrate tradition and history. And that's exactly what they did.


"Old Louisville is really where we learned the trade of whiskey and gained our bourbon knowledge," said Amine Karaoud. "Much like the neighborhood, we wanted to release a whiskey that was aged properly. It took patience, but it has been well worth it."


A perfect example of their commitment to quality over quantity is evident in the care that goes into each bottle of their small-batch bourbon. They use only premium spirit and age their whiskey for a minimum of 7 years before bottling it by hand.


Each bottle is truly a work of art - as unique as the historic neighborhood it pays tribute to.

When you take a sip of Old Louisville Whiskey Co. bourbon, you're not just enjoying a great drink. You're also honoring tradition, history, and family. That's something we can all raise our glass to!


If you're looking for a Straight Bourbon Whiskey that honors tradition and celebrates history, look no further than Old Louisville Whiskey Co. The next time you're in the mood for a drink, pour yourself a glass of this fine bourbon and enjoy knowing that you're supporting a local family-owned business with every sip. Slainte!