Old Louisville Whiskey Co. - Brand Page

Welcome to Old Louisville Whiskey Co.

Old Louisville Whiskey Co, founded in 2022, was created to celebrate the tradition and history of Old Louisville, Kentucky.  Known for its Victorian mansions, Old Louisville is a neighborhood that has aged with grace and dignity, and we try to match those characteristics in the creation of our small batch whiskies.

At Old Louisville Whiskey Co, we are focused on crafting the finest quality aged bourbon and believe in using various mashbills in creating each batch to make it unique and special.  We ensure our hand-crafted whiskeys are made with the highest standards of quality which is why we insist on hand bottling and hand labeling each batch and limit each batch to 2500 or fewer bottles.

As Kentucky is home to many famous bourbon distilleries, Old Louisville Whiskey Co offers something a little different – we are located off the beaten path of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail on Poplar Level Road where we invite you to come to taste our first batch, which we call Batch 1.  There you can also hear about our one of a kind Single Barrel Program where you can hand select your barrel of Batch 1 and we will happily bottle and label it for you.

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